4 English-Speaking Yoga Spaces in Moscow

Missing Virasana on your home mat? It can be pretty hard keeping up with the day-to-day lifestyle when you travel. Believe it or not, finding the English-speaking yoga spaces in Moscow can be one of the toughest things to do. Imagine getting frustrated not finding any yoga places when you could be exploring the city. We want you to have a second scenario, and this is why there is no more need for you to be wasting time. In case you would like to stick to your morning or afternoon rituals, you can easily do that in one of these English-friendly Yoga spaces:




Located nearby the Arbat St., “Nym Yoga & Spa” is well-known among the fans of dynamic yoga (ps-s-st, there is a class taught in English). In case you feel as powerful as never before while in Moscow, you can attend cigun, capoeira and tai-chi here as well. Afterward, rest in the Café drinking jasmine tea or at the spa during a massage session. Fresh and rested, investigate the local yoga clothing shop. You might as well find perfect sports leggings that you’ve been looking for so long.


  • Hours: daily, 8 am to 23 pm; Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 8 pm
  • Address: Plotnikov Lane, 4/5
  • Contacts: +7 499 241-77-00
  • Price: 850 RUB (~ $14)/class




The buddies from local premium fitness club “World Class” established the “Mind & Body Studio” underlying that a huge proportion of the audience is looking forward to relaxing in “downward facing dog” surrounded by people practising the same pose and sharing the same perception. Tired of yoga for some time, you may want to do stretching on a special pilates treadmill. Some of the trainers speak basic English, so feel free to proceed.


  • Hours: daily, 8 am to 22 pm; Saturday, Sunday, 9 am – 21 pm
  • Address: Bolshoy Kharitonyevskiy Per., 16/18
  • Contacts: +7 495 788-00-00
  • Price: 1200 RUB (~ $19)/class




“Yoga Class” has just enough for your yoga session in the minimalistic, clean and calm atmosphere. Tangible harmony of the room balances and fulfills with inner peace enabling to relax and feel like at home. The center provides separate classes for adults, children, and pregnant women. What has the equal importance is that there is an English yoga class which takes place at 15.30 on Saturdays. Attention: the yoga session here is not considered to be completed if you don’t finish with little some tea session.


  • Hours: daily, 9.30 am – 10 pm; Saturday, Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Address: Voznesenskiy Per., 9, str.1
  • Contacts: +7 495 629-07-36
  • Price: 2200 RUB (approx. $34)/class




Looking for an oasis in the big city? Then “YogaLates” in Baumanskiy Garden is the right choice for you. The outdoor yoga session serves your organism greatly after long walks on the Moscow streets. There is plenty of yoga and pilates classes for any ages; even 3-year-olds can attend! By the way, to make your relaxation even deeper — see the masseur next door.


  • Hours: daily, 7.30 am – 10 pm; Saturday, Sunday, 9 am – 11 pm
  • Address: Staraya Basmannaya St, 15A
  • Contacts: +7 906 077-44-22
  • Price: starting from 450 RUB (approx. $8)/class

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