5 Reasons to visit Moscow Region

Moscow region unfairly lacks tourists’ attention. You simply can not pass these places by as they are the treasure of Moscow region. To feel Russian soul, to get acquainted with Russian oldest towns and villages, to broaden your view on Russian past and present, take a car or public transport and go on an adventure to Moscow region.





First mentioned in 1627 it’s a small village in the south in Moscow region. Its unbelievable gorgeous church (The church of the incarnation of Dubrovitsy) differs from any other Russian churches. It was built in the 17th century and along all its history was in the property of influential noble families – Morozovy, Golitsyny, Dmitrievy-Mamontovy. The design of the church is Golitsyn baroque that failed to elaborate to the extent Moscow or Petrine baroque did. In case you will be impressed by The church of the incarnation of Dubrovitsy, you will also like – Nativity Church in Podmoklovo, The Church of Our Lady of the Sign in Perovo (Moscow).





Istra or former Voskresensk town is another destination in Moscow region that you can put on your list. It’s located on the river Istra, 40 km away from Moscow in North West. Famous Russian writer – Anton Chekhov – was working in the vicinity of the town in the hospital. Then during the World War II the town was seriously damaged, and after the war, Alexey Schusev ran the reconstruction project.


Yet 1656 became the most significant year for Istra history as the New Jerusalem Monastery was founded by Patriarch Nikon. It’s the major male monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow Region. The concept of the monastery implied the recreation of sacred places of New Jerusalem. River Istra means the Jordan, while the site itself resembles the Holy Land. Without any doubts, it’s the highlight of your journey to Moscow region. Visiting Voskresenskiy Cathedral is essential for all who come to Istra. Its beautiful and masterfully made ceramics distinct the cathedral from many others. The interior differs from the exterior because the leading architectural style inside is baroque.





The date of foundation of Sergiyev Posad is 1337. It is the only town in Moscow region that the Golden Ring trip includes in its route. To continue observing Moscow region landscapes and Russian cultural heritage you can move to Sergiyev Posad in order to visit the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church – Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. The founder of the Lavra Sergius Radonezhskiy is the most revered native Russian saint. Now there lived about 300 monks. Orthodoxy was always a keystone of Russian culture. That is the reason for building lots of unique churches and cathedrals in the past and modern times across the whole territory of Russia.


Other sites of the town that you can choose are Toy Museum, stable yard, Skitskye Prudy, Russian Museum of Soap. The essential point is that now 11 special walking routes with navigation in English and Chinese are waiting for you in Sergiyev Posad for FIFA-2018. Moreover, sportsmen and fans will visit Sergiyev Posad as tourists according to the official plan for tourist tours.




Borodino village is one of the “bloodiest” village you can visit, as it witnessed several wars. In fact, the history is so horrific that you can sense it in your soul when you are there. It became world-known after the Battle of Borodino in the Napoleonic Wars during the French Invasion of Moscow. Then in the Soviet times, it was a major tank battlefield during the World War II. Borodino was in the occupation for 3 months.


Borodino is a village near Mozhaysk town. In 2007 UNESCO awarded Borodino Battlefield with Melina Mercouri International Prize for the safeguarding and management of Cultural Landscapes. The territory of the State Borodino Military History Museum constitutes 109.7 km². When traveling to Borodino, visit the temple of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.





Kolomna is one of the oldest towns in the south of Moscow region. First information about Kolomna appeared in Laurentian Codex in 1177. Russians managed to preserve most architectural landmarks. Given their efforts today you can visit the Kolomna Kremlin, the Cathedral of the Dormition (1379), Staro-Golutvin Monastery. You have a chance both to explore architectural landmarks and learn how to make Russian kalach (bread) and Kolomna pastila (sweet bakery of fruits) in the Kalachnaya museum and Kolomna pastila museum.


Another way to spend your time in Kolomna is to visit Art-Communal apartment museum. You will see how people lived in Soviet times in the 1960s. In Kolomna, you can visit special theater knights’ tournaments, open-air fairs, and folk festivals. And all these sites are in one tiny town!


The day after you come back from the countryside you may want to come back. But did you know you could go to the countryside not leaving Moscow? Well, find out more about it here. 




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