7 Must-Visit Museums in Moscow [Briefly and Clearly]

Have you ever wondered what stands after a stereotypical Russian bear riding a tank and quoting Dostoevsky? What could happen in the Russian history for such a complex stereotype to exist? In brief, you will barely know anything about the cultural heritage of Russia until you go to these must-visit museums in Moscow and see it yourself. Alternatively, Modern Russian Art can always be an option.



Do you want to know the whole Russian history at one visit? The Armory Chamber is your choice; it is the oldest Russian museum and treasure-house in the country. Located in the Kremlin, the museum boasts over 3000 exhibits dating from the 4th to the early 20th centuries. The Hat of Monomakh, the most ancient crown of the Russian tsars, is one of the best-known exhibits of the Armory Chamber.



There is a reason to be impressed by the security checkpoint and armored doors that protect the dark room full of diamonds. While nobody can tell exactly how much it is worth, we will highlight just a few of them.  The first is the world-famous Diamond Shah that weights 88 carats (among the biggest ones in the world) which was a gift from the king of Iran to Nikolay I. The second is the “Orlov” diamond that was a present of Grigory Orlov to Catherine the Great of Russia. Surely, it is not just about the diamonds but also about the incredible history of those shiny carats. So we recommend you getting a tour to discover that beautiful history beyond the shine of diamonds.


Note: even nowadays, the museum is growing because of ongoing archaeological searches. Moscow is quite an old city and while dismantling historic buildings, building team often finds lots of ancient artefacts, from coins to helmets, teapots, and parts of furniture, so every piece is going straight to the museum.


  • Hours: daily except Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm
  • Address: Moscow Kremlin
  • Contacts: +7(495) 629-20-36
  • Price: 700 RUB (~ $12). Tickets for visitors under 16 are free of charge.



Many locals tend to arrange their photosets in the Garden as it is the greenest place in the city center. Basically, you can walk wherever your feet take you. Strolling around the Garden you can visit three greenhouses. Each has its own kind of climate and, therefore, its special plants.  There is a great shop where the plants are sold, so do not forget to bring some extra money as you are as a fan of green as we are.

You may feel tired after such walk, so take a rest on the bench under a fragrant tree and, possibly, meditate.


  • Hours: daily, 10 am – 8 pm
  • Address: Prospect Mira 26/1
  • Contacts: +7 (495) 680-67-65
  • Price: 300 RUB (~ $5)



It may sound like a museum that is entirely dedicated to literature due to its name. However, it possesses one of the world`s largest art collections from the Ancient Egypt and Greece to the modern days. Extremely popular among the Moscow intelligentsia, the museum often holds special exhibitions like the ones of Picasso, Rembrandt, and Peredvizhniki, of course. Besides, the eclectic design of the museum is outstanding: it ideally combines the Greek columns and shapes with the Venetian details. After the tour, remember to visit the local shop; the prices for the art souvenirs couldn`t be more affordable!


  • Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am – 8 pm; Thursday, Friday, 11 am – 9 pm
  • Address: Volkhonka 12
  • Contacts: +7 (495) 697-79-98 (Russian only)
  • Price: 400 RUB (~ $7)



Reopened after the reconstruction, the long-awaited “Space” Pavilion is finally accessible for guests. Thousands of exhibits, models, satellites, launch vehicles, engines, some are displayed  at 1:1 scale. And you will certainly be amazed by the enormous layouts of the MIR station and the GLONASS satellite, hanged under the vault of the Pavilion. The spectacle is also insanely beautiful. So, even if you are not very interested in space, afterwards, you certainly will!


  • Hours: daily except Monday, 11 am – 7 pm
  • Address: VDNH
  • Contacts: +7(495)966-19-29
  • Price: 500 RUB (~ $8)



Starting with the first exhibition hall, you are not walking through the museum, but through the pages of Russian textbooks of history and literature. Here are the familiar faces of Elizaveta Petrovna and Anna Ioannovna, the two widely-known Russian Empresses. In the next room be ready to admire the famous Shishkin bears in the pine forest, a little further – “Rooks arrived” which every Russian knows in details since the school years. Clearly, Tretyakov Gallery has a unique atmosphere. Here, every hall will seem familiar to you, as each Russian nostalgic about the best passed times.  It is a must-visit if you manage to understand the Russians’ perception of the surrounding world.


  • Hours: daily except Monday, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Address: Lavrushinsky Lane, 10
  • Contacts: +7 (495) 957-07-01
  • Price: 500 RUB (~ $8)



The Victory park is treated as a remarkable place in Russian history as the park`s entrance, the arch, was the way Napoleon entered Moscow in 1812. Yet, Victory Park, as well as the museum, are entirely dedicated to the World War II. Further, the museum is English-friendly, so, the foreign visitors can easily discover the history of the WWII as well. Another major sight of this museum is its Hall of Glory where 2.6 million crystal teardrops of the war victims hang from the ceiling. Going further down the park you will see an open-space exhibition of the military equipment. Just in case, “Katyusha” is on display as well.


  • Hours: daily except Monday, 10 am – 11 pm
  • Address: Bratyev Fromchenko St., 10
  • Contacts: +7 499 449-80-50
  • Price: 400 RUB (~ $7)



The State Historical Museum has on one of the most beautiful exteriors in Russia. So what is going on inside? Well, not playing coy, the museum haв the most significant and unique collection of Russian exhibits before the XX century. The Museum was built by the order of Alexander II and many wealthy people including the royal family donated their private collections to the Museum. Till now, the collection is getting bigger as archaelogists are constantly stubling upon new artifacts all over Russia. Today, there are 39 halls in the Museum where each represents a different epoch of the Russian history.


Besides, one of the oldest sights in the Museum is the hand-written Russian book from 1073 that represents just one of the many examples of the impressive 5 million exhibits and 14 million historical papers collection of the Museum. In fact, the collection is so big that only 0,5% is presented to the public.


  • Hours: daily, 10 am – 7 pm; Thursday, 10 am – 8 pm
  • Address: Red Square, 1
  • Contacts: ‭+7 (495) 692-40-19
  • Price: 400 RUB (~ $7)


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