9 Unusual Things To-Do & To-See in Moscow

Believe it or not but we are convinced that you still have not seen Moscow if you haven’t been to these places. You are lucky if you are still here or about to come. There are lots of unusual things to-do & to-see in Moscow besides the Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre. Here are the 9 reasons to bypass the traditional “Top-Places to Visit in Moscow” list.




While walking on Tverskaya St. be careful not to get past the Eleseevsky shop. Considered to be the first premium grocery shop in Moscow, it was a place where aristocracy would get everything they need to impress their guests and diplomats could find a fancy enough gifts to satisfy their wives back home.


The building has an impressive facade which is hard not to notice and its interior is a perfect manifestation of how a history meets modernity. Today the shop sells both Russian traditional foods, as well as foreign goodies.


  • Hours: daily, round-the-clock
  • Address: Tverskaya St., 14



If thinking about Russians` most beloved leisure, what comes to your mind first of all? (No worries, drinking vodka isn’t on the list) Washing in the banya, which is a local version of the sauna. Resembling Roman baths, Sanduny banyas have been essential to Russia since 1808 and they were one of the most popular meeting places for the Moscow secular members of the XIX century.


The eclectic facades of banyas with the elements of baroque, rococo and other luxurious styles can successfully compete with the most beautiful Moscow estates. It`s time to prepare your favorite bathing suit and see the gorgeous inside of the banyas yourself.


  • Hours: daily, 8 am – 10 pm
  • Address: Neglinnaya St., 14
  • Price: starting from 1500 RUB (~ $25)





While walking on Myasnitskaya St. among the traditional and similar houses be ready that you will be hit with an Asian-styled building, reminding of a rich Chinese house. By the order of a local merchant Pavlov the Teahouse was built in 1893 and since then has always been considered a place to get the best tea in Moscow.


Before that, Russians had never thought that drinking tea could bring that much pleasure and soon it became a nationwide habit. After taking some photos of the facade, enter and find your favorite tea or coffee choosing from thousands of kinds. Sure, it will be there!


  • Hours: daily, 9 am – 9 pm; Saturday, 10 am – 10 pm; Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm
  • Address: Myasnitsckaya St., 19 





On the day of the death of Victor Tsoi, a favorite singer of the Russian youth of the 1980s, “Today, Victor Tsoi died” was written on a wall near Arbat St. Soon the response was painted: “Tsoi is alive”. As time passes, the portraits of the singer, declarations of love and quotes from the Tsoi’s lyrics are still appearing on the wall. That’s a symbol of how the Russians are dedicated to the heroes of their childhood and adolescence. So do not miss out on taking a picture.





Do you think Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the most gorgeous building in Moscow? Maybe. But what comes next? We believe it can be the Government Reception House that was built in 1899 at the will of the local millionaire Morozov. He was traveling around the world looking for the dream-design for his mansion. Eventually, he came across the castle Sintra in Portugal and, for real, the mansion looks like the one and some say it even resembles a freemason’s lodge.


Legend has it that after the construction Morozov’s mother told him: “Only I knew that you’re a fool, now, the whole Moscow knows”. Getting inside the mansion is impossible as it`s not opened to the public. But seeing it from the outside is also a worthy experience.


  • Address: Bozdvizhenka St., 16





They say Savvinskoie Podvorie is the most beautiful building on Tverskaya St. and once you see it, you will understand why. During the Soviet Era, the government wanted the widen the street had to make a decision,  whether to tear it down or to move it. Eventually, they put the building on the rails and literally move it. At night the 24-ton building was moved and the inhabitants who were inside didn’t even bother to wake up. Sounds incredible even for the locals who hear this story!


Only a few know about the Savvinskoe Podvorie as it is hidden behind the Tverskaya, Besides, it’s the only building left that saw the times of the 1905 Imperial Russia. What is more, there is a small glorious church next to the building, which makes Podvorie even more unique. So, pick up your camera and good luck with searching this place!





The tallest of the Seven Sisters skyscraper, which was intended to be a block of flats, is the main building of Moscow State University. You can see it from many spots around Moscow but it looks particularly majestic when you are standing exactly in front of it. The front side is the opposite one from that of Sparrow Hills (Vorobiovi Gory). The facade, the clock and the crests decorating the building have been restored, so, don’t miss the chance to see the highest of the Seven Sisters in its best condition so far. The park zone, surrounding the building, is also beloved by locals.





Museon park is an open-space museum that houses numerous pieces of Soviet history along with other pieces of art. There are many astonishing statues that may capture your interest, so have a lot of time to spare to explore every corner of the park. To make up the burned calories, visit local cafes and taste one of the most delicious home-made marmalade in the city and then head to the river bank, where you will see a huge 100m statue of a man, standing on a ship – that’s Peter the Great, the one, who paved the way for Russia to Europe. Embrace it.


The museum is a part of a huge park zone that encompasses Gorky Park and Vorobiovy Gory (Sparrow Hills). Altogether, it is around 10 km pedestrian area along a Moscow river bank. Take a walk or rent a bike to explore every corner of this marvelous place.


  • Hours: daily, round-the-clock
  • Address: Krymskiy Val, 2




9 Unusual Things To-Do & To-See in Moscow


You might already know about the underground palace, or Komsomolskaya metro station, the stained glass of the Novoslobodskaya station and many others. But such stations as Rumyantsevo designed in the style of the Pitt Mondriaan`s mosaics, decorated with the metallic trees with the luminous leaves, CSKA housing the sculptures of the most famous CSKA athletes and Aviamotornaya for its surprisingly impressive golden line of lights.


  • Hours: 5.30 am – 1 am


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