Moscow parks – where you find the Russian Spirit

Where do you find the Russian Spirit in Moscow? We think Moscow parks are that kind of a place. Why? Because parks are the go-to places for almost any occasion for the locals in Moscow. Whether it is a lunch break, the morning jog or a romantic walk in the evening you will always see people there. The diversity of the parks around the city is also impressive. In fact, there are more than 100 of parks located all around Moscow. Having that in mind, let us break it down and highlight just a few Moscow parks where you find Russian Spirit this summer. Alternatively, you can always enjoy some “You” time with a book in the most secretive places in Moscow.




Located right at the heart of the city, Zaryadye is a 24/7 hide away from the rush of the Moscow downtown. But Zaradye park is much more than just a park. Here you will be surprised by the landscape design, unique and the oldest churches in Moscow, and technology. You will also find yourself in different climate zones showcasing the diverse Russian nature.


Here you will fall in love with the city for real while listening to the concert and admiring the view over Moscow from the top of the amphitheatre. You will then take too many shots when walking on a hovering bridge right above the Moscow river. And still here in Zaryadye you may decide to refresh in the ice room pavilion, go to a concert hall, or have lunch/dinner with options from a simple sandwich to almost Michelin experience.


  • When: To avoid the crowds and the heat of the daylight you can truly enjoy this place between 6 am to 7 am. Alternatively, still crowded you can check out the sunset at about 10 pm during the mid-summer. Coming later also works.


  • How to get there: Go to the Red Square if you are not there already, just pass by the St. Basil’s Cathedral via the left side and then you will see little trails, trees and a part of the hovering bridge. Keep on going straight, and you will reach the park.




Previously a dump, later an unsuccessful attempt to be the cultural center of Moscow, a themed park after that and finally Gorky Park has found its glory and popularity. Being one of the most famous Moscow’s attractions, Gorky Park is the center of culture and leisure. The park is enormous stretching along the Moscow river embankment. It is the number one destination for the locals during summer weekends. It has renovated infrastructure, dozens of cafeterias, restaurants and all sorts of activities from dancing sessions by the embankment to the volleyball on the beach sand.


If you are looking for something more relaxing and refreshing during the warmer days, you can always find a more quiet place in the greener zones of the park. Renting a pedal boat, in this case, would the best option. Another major “sight” among locals is the yellow pedestrian bridge (Pushkinskiy Most). There you will see dozens of people bravely climbing up on the top of the bridge to get the best sunset view over Moscow. Is it safe? Not really. Is it worth it? Yes. Do we recommend you do the same? No. The view from either point of the bridge is fantastic.


If you find yourself surrounded by lots of people, you can walk straight past the yellow bridge. The further you will walk the fewer people you will encounter on your way. The view will only get better. Apart from that, Gorky Park is also a place for some big venues. The main and the most anticipated event this year is Park Live Music Festival that is going to take place from July 27 to July 29.


  • When: Be ready to see people all the time. The rare exceptions will be very early mornings or middle of the nighttime. This is an excellent place for the sunrise at 4 am during early/mid summer or the sunset at 10 pm.


  • How to get there: You can arrive at Park Kultury subway station, walk across the Moscow river by the Krymsky bridge, and there you will main entrance.



Moscow parks where you find the Russian Spirit

Evgeniy Ptushka / Strana.ru

Sokolniki park is more than just a city escape. This is the park to get lost in its endless alleys and green zones around. Be ready to rent a bike, rollers or an electric scooter to get around the 516 hectares park. Here you can walk along the ponds and admire the swans, and feed the squirrels meanwhile walking in the paths. In Sokolniki you can take a tour around the park where you will find out the history of the park starting from the 18th century when the royalty used to hunt falcons here at the times of Soviet Ruling.


Here you will also find the Husky Park, the recreational zone for the rare Russian birds, go to the Multimedia Gallery or watch go to the open-air cinema “Pioneer.” Laying on the grass and recapping another a fantastic day in Moscow is also an option in Sokolniki park.


  • When: this would not be the place you want to see the sunset. Instead, it is perfect to escape from the daylight heat in Moscow. Consider passing by as from 11 am until 4 pm.


  • How to get there: Take a subway to the Sokolniki station. Once you’re out of the subway, you will see park’s entrance right away!




Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve is the park that is surprisingly one of the most unknown among tourists. Yet, it has so much to offer. A quiet park covered in green zones once used to be the home to the first settlements in Moscow. Walking around the park is like walking in the open-air museum with many churches, monastery & palaces on your right & left that will make you forget about the Soviet Era in Moscow. One of which is the Church of Ascension which inscribed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.


You can explore Kolomenskoye taking one of the many official tours that the park offers. The prices for the excursions vary around 500 rubles ($8). Taking a tour will also allow you to take a closer look at the historical sites. The nature of the park is also fascinating, and it indeed makes you forget that you are still in the city. The biggest and the most exciting event that will be taking place in Kolomenskoye is Afisha Picnic Festival on the 3rd of August. Save the date!


  • When: Anytime. But the best time would be anywhere from 5 pm until 7 pm during summer.


  • How to get there: There are several entrances to this park, but the easiest way to get there is to go on the subway to Kolomenskaya station. After you exit the subway, go straight to the Andropov prospect, and there you will see the entrance.




Moscow parks - where you find the Russian Spirit

Source: http://butonfestival.ru/park-tsaritsyno.html


Museum-Reserve Tsaritsino is located further than any other park on the south of Moscow. But this is the best example of the Moscow parks where you find the Russian Spirit. Promise that you will visit Tsaritsino when you in Moscow. The reason for that is its unique architecture. It was supposed to be the Catherine II Moscow residence. Later, during the Soviet times, many ancient artifacts from all around Russia were all gathered here for preservation.


Greenhouses, landscape parks with ponds and new park zones with fountains are just a few other reasons to visit this park. It is the “Royal” destination for all the history lovers and anyone who is eager to better discover the Russian history & culture. Tsaritsino is an excellent place for the music lovers too as it weekly hosts jazz music concerts all summer long. Just imagine that atmosphere!


  • When: This can be the place you can either dedicate all morning or evening. Just keep in mind it will take you minimum 2h to enjoy and get a proper glimpse of it. 


  • How to get there: Tsaritsyno Park’s central gate is close to the Tsaritsyno metro station. When you exit the subway station pass under the Railway Bridge, and you’ll see the entrance right away.

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