What’s Around Moscow World Cup Stadiums?

FIFA is not just about the game itself. What surrounds your trip is equally important. Here is everything you need to know about the best food and things to do around Moscow World Cup Stadiums.






The stadium has undergone a fundamental redevelopment to host seven FIFA 2018 World Cup. Being a part of Luzhniki Sports Complex, there is an extensive pedestrian zone, that encompasses Vorobyovy Gory and Gorky Park with the oldest garden in the city – Neskuchny Sad (Merry Garden). You can take a walk or rent a bike to wind down a bit before or after the game.



Another place to see is Sparrow Hills (locals call it “Smotrovaia“) viewing point, which is on the opposite side of the stadium and just in front of the legendary Moscow State University – one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers. Sure you could use the lifts that take you across the river right to the top of the Sparrow Hills, but walking your way up via a steep hill is included is far more adventurous and enjoyable.


Smotrovaia is a beloved place of locals. Breathtaking views, dreamy parks and a mesmerizing lightning of the Moscow State University at night makes it a perfect spot for winding down. P.S. Our sources informed us that Smotrovaia is the place, where all the fun action will happen during the cup… .



Around the stadium, you will find lots of food vendors with sandwiches and pastries to quickly fix your hunger. For a more decent option, there are 3 restaurants. Olymp Junior is a fancy spot with Russian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Average check is around 1800 roubles (30$). For cheap eats, head to self-service cafe Stolovyzhki. For as little as $12 you can get a pretty good lunch or dinner.


At Smotrovaia there are some food vendors with shawarma and sandwiches and for your caffeine issue look for small coffee vans. For around 5 bucks you can get a decent snack and a breathtaking view of the stadium as a nice addition. For picky eaters  “Kapitoli” shopping mall is the best bet. From the Universitet station, it is a 5-minute walk. The food court there has everything you need from good-an-old TGI Fridays and Starbucks to a more authentic Russian “Teremok” with blinis (Russian crepes) and kasha. There are a few vegetarian options too.






Severnoie Tushino park is not quite close to the stadium, but a nice place to kill some time. Depending on your mood, the park offers various activities. Walking around the area, you may stumble upon Pushkin valley with a monument, dedicated to a prominent Russian writer. There is a sandy beach that gives you an illusion of being in some exotic country. But don’t you dare swimming in the river…please do not. To splash around a little bit, there is a swimming pool that starts working in early June. The park also has a number of sporting facilities, including a football field, a volleyball court, a workout zone, and table-tennis.



For museum lovers, there is a Museum of Submarine Navy, actually located inside a submarine B-396.




Just across the road of the stadium, there is at-all-times-reliable Mcdonalds. If you are short on time and look for cheap eats, it is your best bet. For a more relaxed atmosphere, check out Robin Bo – a family restaurant with European cuisine. Another option is Ritorno – an Italian restaurant that also serves Sushi. 20 bucks are more than enough to fill you up. The nearest shopping center “Kaleidoscop“ is 5 minutes from Skhodnenskaia station (Line 7)


The above-mentioned places are very unlikely to be English-friendly since they are relatively far from the city centre. But some simple phrases and gestures will work just fine! The restaurants will do their best to serve you.

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