The word essay comes from French essayer meaning to try. The word bar comes from… actually, who cares. Made it to Moscow? Let’s get down to business and go bar hopping. Here’s the list of Moscow Bars that worth a visit.





B-52. Black Tie) #noorbar #noorelectro #b52 #blacktie 📷 @pokrovskiys

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“Respectable, authentic, classy”, – this is how the founders describe NOOR Electro bar in three adjectives. 21+ policy (legal drinking age in Russia is 18+) is supposed to maintain the image. On the flipside, sometimes ridiculously strict bouncers might ruin the evening even for those of full legal age for no reason. But if you sneak in, the only thing that might not really appeal to you is prices. Located in the building of Electrotheater Stanislavsky (an innovative venue for performances, photo exhibitions, and movie screening), this bar has a uniquely artistic atmosphere, yellow walls, tiled floors, a bath full of ice, and great DJ sets.


Recently NOOR has gifted its occasional visitors and regulars a limited vinyl recording “The Sound of Noor” in 300 numbered copies. Who knows what they might come up with on the day of your visit.


Долгожданный тираж первой виниловой пластинки бара The Sound of Noor. В качестве высокого конферанса к уже вышедшему винилу процитируем Wareika – авторов одного из трёх треков сборника: "From Russia with love! We are very happy to announce that another nice 14min track of ours was just printed on Wax for our dear friends OID, Noor Sound / NOOR BAR, Moscow. Its not a commercial thing, so its quite rare to own a copy. Stay tuned on how to get your vinyl or send your wish to Santa Claus and maybe you are lucky and get one as a gift. ; )." THE SOUND OF NOOR Side A @wareika_music_official – From the mountains Written and produced by Henrik Raabe. Jakob Seidensticker & Schirmacher Side B @nikakoi_atlas – Звёзды Written, produced and permormed by Nika Machaidze @oid111 – Весна Written and produced by Andrei Antonets #vinil #thenoorofsound #noorelectro

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Bearly-team recommends signature Pomegranate Tini on gin, Daiquiri Dry on rum, and Old Fashioned on whiskey.


  • Food: Full menu
  • Hours: Mon – Wed 8 am – 3 am, Thu – Sun 8 am – 6 am
  • Address: Tverskaya St., 23/12
  • Reservation required: No






A tiny cozy bar you will pass on your closed-map boulevard walk is designed in style of Piet Mondriaan’s workshop – artist’s name on the brick wall and checkered nightlight on the shelf leave no doubt. Due to its location on a narrow calm street, with the exception of special events and DJ set nights, the bar has few visitors who should not scare you off. In Mondriaan bar you won’t dance your brains out but will be able to chill and have an uninterrupted tete-a-tete conversation that goes with a high-quality cocktail or a glass of wine in hands.



Bearly-team recommends Sherry Daisy on rum, signature Mondriaan with an emblematic-shaped ice cube on mescal, Byron – a personal favorite.


  • Food: Tapas
  • Hours: Tue – Wed 5 pm – 12 am, Fri – Sat 5 pm – 5 am
  • Address: Petrovka St., 30/7
  • Reservation required: No






Gothiс vaults of former Central Banyas (saunas) now witness fashionable Moscow bash. Back in 1912, visitors nicknamed this complex Titanic for its outstanding opulence of decor and seeming resemblance of one of the buildings to a vessel. Divided into a bunch of different segments, today this building houses a few bars, offices and a restaurant. Squat ¾ is a composite party space, as befits Titanic, that occupies the basement of Banyas with Xidya Greek bar, a restaurant, a barbershop and a designer clothing store.


Xidya comes from Greek and means booze.



Bearly-team recommends to come and see it yourself. It might be difficult to get into a guest-list for a party, but the bar opens its doors daily. The drinks are all Greek (tentura, mastika, ouzo) but secondary when in such an interior.


Food: Sets for 2-6 people

Hours: Mon – Thu 12 am – 11 pm, Fri – Sun 12 pm – till the last guest leaves

Address: Teatralniy pr., 3/4

Reservation required: No





(Seasonal, an open rooftop)

Finally our terrace is open ✨🥂 Summer starts here!

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Bar Strelka on a rooftop of Strelka Institute is arguably the place to get a cocktail of the highest quality on clubbing Balchug island (for corresponding prices). In summer months, we encourage you to catch the setting sun facing Cathedral of Christ the Saviour with your drink placed on a glass bar counter with a view on Moskva river. Apparently, this place can be found in must-show lists of many locals since in Strelka it’s unlikely you hear the Russian language — most locals come with foreign guests. The best way to leave the bar at a weekend night is by subway: take Patriarchy Most bridge to get to the opposite bank where Kropotkinskaya Station (Line 1, red) is situated. Otherwise, you will be trapped in perpetual traffic jams due to the concentration of clubs in this neighborhood.



If you decide to come after 11 pm Friday or Saturday night just for drinks, make sure you register for free on https://strelka.com/en to whatever event is scheduled in the patio of Strelka Institute, where lectures and open-lectures on media, architecture, and design take place in the daytime. Registered, you will be able to take the stairs to the bar; otherwise, only those with a table reservation will make it past the bouncers.



Bearly-team recommends Pear Sour on vodka, White Dorado on tequila, Karelian Gimlet on gin.


  • Food: Full menu when sited. Just drinks on the counters.
  • Hours: Mon – Thu 9 am – 12 am, Fri – Sat 12 pm – 3 am, Sun 12 pm – 12 am *
  • Address: Bersenevskaya Emb.,14/5A
  • Reservation required: For a table only. Free sitting along both the main and riverside bar counters.


*In winter an inside part of the bar operates during the same working hours; often times, with seasonal discounts.


This evening your substitute for «Cheers!» must be «Zapriyezd!» which is roughly translated as “so excited we made it to Moscow!”


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