For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Approximately 65% of the adult population is lactose intolerant, and thus, unable to digest dairy. Contemporary art tolerance data haven’t been gathered yet, but we assume you stay reasonable with your eating habits. In this article, we link caloric value of milk, which you are naturally familiar with, to the corresponding degree of audience exclusivity of Moscow contemporary art lovers destinations. Without further ado here is what to expect from contemporary art in Moscow.



Although surrounded by contemporary art, you do understand why you are here and what to look at. And can explain to your fellows.



For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Takashi Murakami, “Under the Radiation Falls” retrospective @Garage (2018). Photo by Alexey Narodizkiy and Ivan Erofeev

For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Yayoi Kusama, “Infinity Theory” exhibition (2015). Photo from alperego.com


Founded by Dasha Zhukova, a member of the board of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Gorky Park and shows Russian as well as international artists. The building designed by Rem Koolhaas, architect of China Central Television Headquarters and Seattle Central Library, creates an image of a proper cultural institution. Swirling atmosphere also leaves an impression that simply by being inside you give a generous boost to your cultural level. Among the artists whose exhibitions have taken place at Garage is Yayoii Kusama, Takasi Murakami, Louis Bourgeois.


Recently art magazines all around the globe have burst with articles on “Bone Music” exhibition at Garage that showcased X-ray films which were used in Soviet Union in 1940s-1960s in order to record banned music.


For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Bill Haley, “Rock Around The Clock,” 1950s Lathe-/hand-cut record on x-ray film, 22cm diameter Courtesy X-Ray Audio, London. Photo from artrabbit.com


A win-win photo spot is a restroom on the ground floor of Garage, with fluorescent neon lightening and occasionally changed thematic wallpapers. In addition, the bookstore on the ground floor has arguably the largest selection of art books and periodicals in Moscow.


  • Hours: 11 am – 10 pm daily
  • Address: Krymsliy Val St., 9/32
  • Price: 350 RUB (~$6) full, 150 RUB (~$2.5) for students


More like Garage: Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) — multiple locations around Moscow city center with permanent avant-garde collection and exhibitions of XXth-XXst century art.




Still easy to grasp what and why, but you might be in need of some cultural background or a keen interest in Russian art scene to explain your choice of destination to a third-party.



For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Yankilevskiy Vladimir. Etude #10 from the cycle “Landscape of Forces” (1961). Photo from art4.ru


Located not far from the Boulevard Ring, the first private museum in Moscow Art4.ru has showcased private collection of Igor Markin since 2007, and from 2015 plays a double role —“Museum that sells art” –– of the museum + an online auction house. As in many auction houses, all online lots are on view in Art4.ru. The permanent collection also includes works by Russian most acclaimed artists of the second half of the XXth hundred: Anatoliy Zverev, Ilya Kabakov, Erik Bulatov, Ernst Neizvestniy, Vladimir Yankilevskiy.


  • Hours: Mon – Fri 11 am – 7 pm, Sat, Sun closed
  • Address: Khlynovskiy tupik, 4
  • Price: Free of charge


More like Art4.ru: AZ Museum — a mono-museum with a significant body of works by Soviet underground culture crucial figure Anatoliy Zverev on view occasionally showcased side-by-side with works of some other artist of the second half of the XXth century in a two-man show.



Well… For those who want to dive into contemporary art with no safety net



For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Photo of Art Kvartal Khokhlovka by Yana Savina for cosymoscow.me


Bohemia. If this word sounds nice to your ear, this district will definitely appeal to your state of mind. Khokhlovka is not the most extensively developed art neighborhood in Moscow. But due to its central location, Art Kvartal Khokhlovka is a perfect fit for those who want to get a notion of Moscow art quarters on their way to other landmarks. XVII-XIXth century quarter in a walking distance from Lubyanka square, where leading Russian writers (Pushkin, Karamazin) and composers (Tchaikovsky) used to live, is now a graffiti-backyard of the city center. When you enter the gate, Moscow seems to be completely zoned out.

Other reasons to visit Khokhlovka: to see a pop-art graffiti after Roy Lichtenstein, to pay a visit a bunch of independent designer stores HHLVK, WEARFOREST, Blackstore, to buy a souvenir in a tiny shop of handmade accessories Bulawka or in an authentic shop of scrolls and paper.


For Contemporary Art Tolerant Only in Moscow

Photo of Art Kvartal Khokhlovka by Yana Savina for cosymoscow.me


Without leaving Khokhlovka, you can also grab a coffee in a small and cozy Specialty Coffee Academy that gives lessons to baristas.


  • Hours: 9 am – 10 pm daily
  • Address: Khokhlovskiy Per., 7/9. Enter through the gate at address Khokhlovskiy Per., 7
  • Price: Free of charge


More like Art Kvartal Khoklovka: Artplay, Vinzavod — more evolved, these art quarters accommodate small private galleries and hold occasional events. Due to its marginal locations, neither Artplay nor Vinzavod can be just a quick stop on your route.



Calories in these kinds of milk change but proteins and sugars stay unaffected, hence even skim milk contains lactose. In a similar manner, Garage is still not recommended for people with contemporary art intolerance or those who have just a few days in the city. Besides, you might enjoy your time in Moscow to a larger extent if you choose a more conservative art approach or simply explore Moscow parks.

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