Beat Film Festival [Why Your Timing to Visit Moscow is Perfect]

Beat Film Festival is a hip cultural event that displays documentaries on art, music & lifestyle submitted in a few nominations such as GRRRL Power, Art: Prices and Values, National Contest to Moscow artistic bash.



A man, black, 184 cm tall, street artist. Dated Madonna before she got famous. An anatomy textbook had a huge influence on his artworks. A member of 27 Club. One of his works sold for $110.000.000.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (upside-down font)


Beat Film Festival has chosen this riddle-like format for this year program’s posters.  After each movie screening, you can buy a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, or a bag with such a print in Russian.


This year, Beat Film Festival is happening from 31 May to 10 June for the eighth time at some of the best classic and open-air theatres.


Personal note:

Two times a year I become particularly jealous to all those who live in Moscow;  The first is in autumn when yellow leaves cover Vorobyevskaya Embankment and the other is when it’s BEAT time in the city.


Bearly-team’s chosen entries:



Grey Gardens (USA. Language: English, 1975)

Все, что вы стеснялись спросить о современном арт-рынке и современном искусстве, расскажет Натаниэль Кан и его герои в фильме «Всему есть цена». В этой полуторачасовой кинокартине есть все то, чем отличается хорошая и объемная книга по современному искусству. И даже больше! Кадры самого творческого процесса из мастерских Джеффа Кунса или Джорджа Кондо, маркетинговые секреты успешных продаж Сотбис и редкие архивные видеоматериалы с легендами арт-сцены прошлого века. «Всему есть цена» — альтернативный гид по миру современного искусства, в котором правят не только деньги. Премьера на Beat Film Festival 2018 2 и 9 июня.

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A pinch of classics by Albert and David Maysles, this documentary has been a source of inspiration for directors and fashion designers for more than 40 years. Camera documents the everyday life of a wild couple, aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy, who inhabit an abandoned house Grey Gardens which is not subject to time.


  • 7 June at 9:30 pm @Garage
  • 9 June 5 pm @Documentary Film Center (DFC)
  • 10 June 5 am @ Multimedia Art Museum Moscow (on what to check out at MAMM, skim our article on Moscow art galleries)



Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (UK, Ireland. Language: English, 2017)

Intimate moments from Grace Jones life without mentioning neither her Studio 54 nor her James Bond past — this documentary by Sophie Fiennes follows Jones to Jamaica, where the star of disco is recording a new album and recalling cornerstone moments from her personal past. No make-up of whatever kind alternates with vogue gloss.


  • 31 May @Strelka (the opening, might be fully booked)
  • 7 June 9pm @Karo 11 Oktjabr & IMAX



The Price of Everything (USA. Language: English, 2018)

У нас отличная новость! Перед показом «Серых садов» 7 июня в музее «Гараж» Катя Федорова, недавний номинант премии Glamour за свой телеграм Good morning, Karl!, придумала нам паблик-ток о том, как фильм изменил индустрию моды, и собрала выдающихся спикеров! Цитируем ее саму: Говорить будут умнейшие женщины: Юля Выдолоб из @theblueprint.ru, Елена Стафьева и (теперь вы поймете, как вам несказанно повезло) Алена Долецкая. Вход свободный по регистрации, но количество мест ограничено. Бежать регистрироваться можно по ссылке в профиле.

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Ironic and surprisingly snobbery deprived documentary on the most pragmatic side of the art world – auctions, where artists wonder why even their best works cost as much as real estates and collectors turn out to be ordinary people. At least in casual conversations with the director Nathaniel Kahn.


  • 2 June 9:30 pm @Garage (on what to do in the Garage before the screening, read our article on contemporary art)
  • 9 June 8 pm, 9:30 pm @Garage



The Hymns of Muscovy (Russia. Language: Music, 2017)

This 14-min documentary by Dmitriy Venkov will take you on a trip to an upside-down doppelganger of Moscow. Flipped panoramas will consistently lead you through Socialist Classicism, Soviet Modernism, and contemporary reminiscents of the styles of the Soviet past on today’s Moscow streets. In addition, hymnic Variations on the Soviet Anthem by Alexander Manotskov will be your travel buddies.


  • 3 June 5 pm @ Documentary Film Center (DFC)
  • 7 June 7 pm @ Documentary Film Center (DFC)
  • 10 June 5 pm @ Documentary Film Center (DFC)


For the info on other movies and ticket reservations, go to fest.beatfilmfestival. All the documentaries will be screened in the original language with Russian subtitles.

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