View From The Top [Rooftop Restaurants in Moscow]

To catch a panoramic view from a rooftop restaurant is one of the few essential boxes to check in every visitor’s list when in a major city, and Moscow included. Naturally, any classy rooftop restaurant has a few easily distinguishable features: breathtaking views, elevated price level and English-speaking staff accustomed to perpetual streams of tourists. Let us spare your time and list the highlights of each place only. Rooftop restaurants in Moscow in a close-up start here:


From the west

White Rabbit


Essential to look out on one of The Seven Sisters – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Inside, rabbits have totally invaded the place: on some portraits, they replace human faces, and on the bar counters, look for porcelain ones.



Then, in the menu, to look for:

  • Borscht (beetroot soup) with baked beans, fried crucians and sour cream for 650 RUB (~$10.5)
  • Scallops and hummus and tangerines for 1430 RUB (~$23)
  • Boar cutlets, gooseberry, puree of celery root and rowan jelly for 980 RUB (~$16)
  • Black truffle for 250 RUB (~$4) per 1 gram


Highlighted in the dessert section, «King Stanislaw’s baba» soaked in champagne, apricots, and ryazhenka-based ice-cream for 570 RUB (~$9)



As for the drinks:

  • Rabbit Hole on gin for 700 RUB (~$11.5)
  • Borodino on rye vodka for 970 RUB (~$15.5)
  • Cowberry mors drink with chestnut honey (Russian soft drink) for 250 RUB (~$4)



  • Hours: Mon-Wed, Sun from 12 pm till 12 am, Thu – Sat from 12 pm till 2 am
  • Address: Smolenskiy Passage, Smolenskaya square, 3, 16th floor
  • Reservation: whiterabbitmoscow.ru
  • $$


From the distant west



Essential to look out on Moscow City Business Complex as well as on the whole city center panorama. And inside, to look for birches.


Then, in the menu, to look for:

  • Black pearl (New Zealand) oyster for 550 RUB (~$9)
  • Salmon / hummus / bok choy / exotic sauce Vierge for 1750 RUB (~$28)
  • Venison let / red cabbage puree / cognac sauce — red currant for 2100 RUB (~$34)
  • Black caviar for 3900 RUB (~$63)



Highlighted in the dessert section, Rum baba/ date-plum / kumquat / pumpkin / halva for 650 RUB (~$10.5)


As for the drinks:

  • 13-page-long wine list from 3900 (~$63) to 346000 RUB (~$5580) per bottle
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label “King George V” for 6500 RUB (~$105)
  • Capuchin Monkey / Капучин Манки (Monkey Shoulder / эспрессо / корица / кофейный ликер) for 900 RUB (~$14.5)




  • Hours: from 12 pm until the last guest, daily
  • Address: Moscow International Business Center, Federation Tower, 60th-floor Presnenskaya Emb., 12
  • Reservation: +74956538369
  • $$$


From the close south-east


Essential to look out on Zaradye + a close-up of the city center. And inside. to look for wooden circular lamps.


Then, in the menu, to look for:

  • Black dumplings with cold liver and broccoli purée for 590 RUB (~$9.5)
  • Astrakhan “Caspian Gold” black caviar for 1690 RUB (~$27) per 30 gram
  • Red wine braised veal cheeks served with broccoli gratin for 890 RUB (~$14.5)
  • Cold cured Russian Far East red blueback salmon for 650 RUB (~$10.5) per 100 gram


Понедельник создан для вкусного и сытного ланча в «Карлсон»♥️ ✅Только на этой неделе Санта Мария стейк из говядины Black Angus Папарделле с рагу из кролика Теплый салат с куриными крыльями и соусом цезарь ✅Сет 1 Паштет из утиной печени с вишневым чатни Крем-суп из брокколи с тартаром из нерки Куриные котлеты с булгуром ✅Сет 2 Оливье с индейкой Фасолевый суп Вишневый пай 📌Стоимость сета — 690₽, 2 блюда на выбор из сета — 490₽ 📌С 12:00 до 16:00 — скидка 20% на основное меню по будням 🇺🇸⬇️ Lunch menu in #karlsonrest #rooftop #карлогреку

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Highlighted in the dessert section, forest strawberry pie served with lime sorbet for 430 RUB (~$7)


As for the drinks:

  • 10-page-long wine list from 2500 (~$40) to 43990 RUB (~$710) per bottle
  • Ararat Armenian Brandy Ararat Nairi for 990 RUB (~$16)
  • Chivas Rusty Nail on Whiskey for 690 RUB (~$11)
  • Black Russian on vodka for 590 RUB (~$9.5)




  • Hours: from 12 pm till 12 am daily
  • Address: Central City Tower Business Center, Ovchinnikovskaya Emb., 20, bld. 1
  • Reservation: +7 915 286 06 28, +7 985 751 19 19
  • $$


From the city center itself

O2 Lounge


Essential to look out on Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Red Square and The State Historical Museum of Russia (find out how to get a similar view for breakfast). And inside, to look for woven chairs.


Then, in the menu, to look for:

  • Beluga Caviar served with blinis for 400 RUB (~$6.5) per 1 gram. Minimum order is 10 gram
  • Kamchatka Crab Fritters for 1250 RUB (~$20)
  • O2 Burger for 1200 RUB (~$19.5)
  • Sushi from 320 to 1750 RUB (~$28)


Highlighted in the dessert section, The Ritz-Carlton cake (Chocolate Ganache & Biscuit, Orange Confit, Grand Marnier Liquor) for 800 RUB (~$13).


As for the drinks:

  • Golden Julep on whiskey for 7000 RUB (~$113)
  • Espresso Martini on Rum for 1200 RUB (~$19.5)
  • Alexander on cognac for 1300 RUB (~$21)




  • Hours: from 12 pm till 2 am daily
  • Address: The Ritz-Carlton, Tverskaya St., 3
  • Reservation: +7 495 225 81 81
  • $$$


From the south-west

Sky Lounge


Essential to look out on Moskva River as well as on another one of The Seven Sisters (University building). You can also spot Moscow City Business Complex from the distance. In its turn, inside, to look for yellow frames. Through which, you looked out, actually.


Then, in the menu, to look for:

  • Selection of home-made salo for 750 RUB (~$12)
  • Octopus salad with seasonal vegetables and Crimean chives served on smoked potato medallions à la Pushkin for 1420 RUB (~$23)
  • Fried Sakhalin scallops served on a pea julienne with onion jam for 1390 RUB (~$22.5)
  • Pirozki (Russian pastry) with different stuffing (fish, meat, eggs etc) 90-120 RUB (~$1.5–2)



Highlighted in the dessert section, Ptichye Moloko (milk soufflé under milk chocolate) for 420 RUB (~$7).


As for the drinks:

  • El Presidente on rum for 700 RUB (~$11.5)
  • O-LOL-O on whisky for 690 RUB (~$11)
  • Strawberry Tarkhun (Russian soft drink) for 480 RUB (~$8)




  • Hours: Mon-Wed, Sun from 1 pm till 12 am, Thu – Sat from 1 pm till 1 am
  • Address: Building of the Academy of Sciences, 22nd floor, Leninskiy Prospect, 32A
  • Reservation: +7 495 781 57 75, +7 495 930 33 43
  • $$


Having obtained all the information about rooftop restaurants in Moscow, skim through the bar options (a rooftop included).

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