The Must-Visit List in Moscow 2019 [New Perspective]

What sites are on your must-visit list in Moscow? We offer you a new perspective on the must-visit list in Moscow! Those who never visited Moscow might imagine the city being cold, unfriendly, Soviet and communistic. Those who visited Moscow once 5-10 years ago might think that there is not so much left to explore in Moscow. And those who live here know that Moscow is not the same anymore, it is vibrant, contemporary, controversial, and following the beat of the time, a rethought must-visit list is for you to get acquainted with Moscow of today & tomorrow.





The former Soviet-era farmers market would gain an imaginary award “Hype 2017/2018” if there were a such. However, it really was awarded in 2015 in the category Best rebranding and Best City Improvement. Round, grey, with the roof in the shape of canopy or the star, total representer of soviet architecture, with no exterior clue to the inside world of international cuisines and garden-fresh fruits and vegetables mainly from Russia and CIS countries.


It is a temple of food ready to be tasted. Deprived of sun people are standing in the queue for mango-shake dreaming of Vietnamese beaches and warm summer breeze. This circle of eateries will make you crazy and will never end. 30 restaurant conceptions – Peking Duck, falafel, sushi, Italian pasta, Russian vareniki, Dagestan bakery, superfoods and other worth trying meals. Better don’t eat before visiting Danilovsky Market! Better put Danilovsky Market on the must-visit list in Moscow 2018! Discover more about local & surprisingly affordable foods in Moscow in our separate article.





Next point on your must-visit list in Moscow– Strelka Bar! A place to be inspired is located on the territory of the former Red October factory (chocolate factory), which is now the center of gravity. The multi-faceted concept of the place attracts people of different generations for various purposes with the one common – enjoy the luscious atmosphere.



The period from spring to early autumn is the perfect time for dining on the terrace with the splendid view on the Moskva-river and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Sunlit off-white cozy sofas won’t let you go till the party downstairs in the courtyard and dazzling dark bar. Isn’t it on the must-visit list 2018? Hurry up!





The Botanic Gardens of Moscow State University was founded by Peter the Great in 1706, it’s the oldest botanic garden. It’s an enchanting compact oasis not far from the city center near Sadovoe Ring in brick and asphalt jungles. Buy a ticket and play the rules of the garden. Feel yourself like in a fairytale, dive into the hothouses of the garden and examine different plant species- from Ananas comosus hybrida to Neoregelia carolinae.


Besides these plants learn more about tropical trees and hothouses with succulents. Walk around the garden, take a breath and relax after the busy center of Moscow, because you have just visited one more place from your must-visit list in Moscow with many more still still on the list!





One more stop on the must-visit list in Moscow – one more oasis almost on the Red Square. A few years ago you couldn’t find a place in the center like Zaryadye. Everyone knows Aleksander Garden, but it resembles more an alley where you can walk along the Kremlin wall and can’t do anything but sit on the benches or take photos in front of the fountains.



Now Zaryadye, The Park of Present Perfect, is becoming more inviting and homelike. It’s free and open 24/7 and also plays host to numerous festivals and events. Take a chance to visit charming Zaryadye at night, since it is actually busy with tourists and locals in the afternoon. You can also find out more about other fantastic alternative parks in Moscow in our saparate article.





No Venice on your must-visit list in Moscow? Missing Venice channels, gondolas and gondoliers? Moscow offers its own big ‘gondola’ ride – a tour in a fashionable snow-white river-restaurant yacht along Moskva river. During the 2-hour ride you will see Hotel Ukraina, the House of the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow State University, Luzhniki stadium, the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and some more sights floating and passing you by like in slow-motion. While large panoramic windows will allow you to observe the city from different angles and pick your own favorite, which will remind you of Moskva river cruise.





We are moving much further on your must-visit list in Moscow. Moscow Central Circle is the next level of exploring the city. It’s a real hop on hop off tour in terms of visiting different areas of Moscow – from Ploschad Gagarina and Luzhniki stations, that is located not so far from the city center and within walking distance to Third Ring Road — to Izmailovo and Likhobory stations, that are 10km and 13km away from the Kremlin. The full circle will take 1,5h of your time but will give you lots more. A romantic feeling of traveling somewhere with a sense of surprise effect in the end. Now you choose whether you are a discoverer or a philosopher, whether you examine new stations or refresh your thoughts.





Chistye Prudy in the Russian language means the Clean Ponds, and it’s true, you will see one relaxing calm pond with ducks swimming on the smooth surface. This place is definitely on the must-visit list 2018, but it is hidden between houses and Pokrovka and Myasnitskay street. That is what makes it non-touristic and at the same time so enchanting. To strengthen the effect, also visit Chistye Prudy at the sundown, dine in the restaurant on the pond in the soft evening light and continue your walk towards Sovremmennik Theater.


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