Upgrade your Red Square experience in 2018

Visiting a new city is like meeting with a new person. You cannot predict what your first meeting will be like, but you hope that it won’t disappoint you. And when you meet this person, you are inevitably affected by the first impression. Subconsciously you begin to judge by manners, posture, voice, appearance. The same is with Moscow. Make the right approach to your first impression – upgrade your Red Square experience in Moscow 2018!


What does every second tourist associate the heart of Moscow – the Red Square– with? The Kremlin, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Kremlin Clock? To know more about Moscow soul of 2018 and to upgrade your Red Square experience, you can dive deeper. We offer you the usual route with the unusual stops along it to the heart of Moscow City.




So to get ready for the meeting with the Red Square – you can start from Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge. When walking over the Moskva river, you can stop in the middle of the pedestrian area on the bridge, and enjoy almost the bird’s eye view on Moscow – the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Kremlin, Sofiyskaya, Prechistenskaya, Bersenevskaya embankments.


Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge joined Borovitskaya Ploschad, Mokhovaya street, and Znamenka street. Modern Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge was built in 1938, it’s 487m long. In rush hours Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge is packed with cars, but without congestions, you can feel free, and drive almost over Moscow!




Now you go further and approach the Monument to Vladimir the Great. A 17,5-meter-high monument to Vladimir the Great is hard to overlook. The monument was erected in honor of the Kievan Rus’ ruler who adopted Orthodox Christianity for the people in the 10th century. The opening ceremony of this colossal monument was held in 2016, so locals haven’t got accustomed to the recently built statue yet, but you have a chance to do it together with the Russians. It also may seem like Vladimir the Great welcomes everyone who enters Moscow city center from the side of Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge.





The next stop on the way to upgrade your Red Square experience is Pashkov House. In 2018 Pashkov house is known more as a glamorous venue for super-popular fashion shows, celebrities’ parties rather than a place where Leo Tolstoy, the Russian writer, was working on his book War and Peace, but now you can go there on excursion or attend a classical music concerts and see how the house from the Master and Margarita by Bulgakov looks like. Pashkov House is open from Tuesday till Sunday and belongs now to the Russian State Library.




Then you can try to understand Moscow heart with the help of wise books, and monumental architecture. Hardly every Russian has ever visited the Russian State Library, but before the Red Square, you have an opportunity to visit it by booking a tour there. It’s the largest library in Russia and 4th largest in the world, 275 km of shelves, in 2016 the volume of all the funds comprises of 47 million of items, every year the library is growing with about 100 000 new users. The exterior proves the significance of the library, which many Russians consider as the post-constructivist masterpiece. Visit the library that will inspire you to take up reading Russian literature as your post-Moscow-visit hobby.




As the next stop after the Russian State Library, you can visit exhibition-venue. Nowadays Moscow Manege plays the role of probably the main state venue for exhibitions, however in the past military parades and training used to take place there. Later, it was built in memory of the Patriotic War of 1812. Furthermore, in 1814-1815 well-known architect Joseph Bove decorated the facades in Empire style. Check what is on on the official website and have a look at the interior of the Manege on your way towards the Red Square.




Finally, you meet with the Red Square, and drink tea with Moscow!


Bosco Cafe on the Red Square in GUM will be a perfect finish line for your upgraded Moscow tour. A magnificent view of the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Clock Tower will leave a delicious aftertaste to your long and eventful journey along the Kremlin walls. Order a glass of wine or fresh juice and celebrate your stay in Moscow! To conclude – Now you can advise – UPGRADE YOUR RED SQUARE EXPERIENCE! As I did!


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