When in Moscow, do as Muscovites do. Learn Russian during World Cup 2018

Russia is notorious for its “my English is little” situation. In fact, it becomes even more intimidating, when you realize Russians are not so willing to speak with strangers, let alone foreigners. Luckily, there is a golden opportunity to learn Russian during World Cup 2018. And you don’t need to be a fluent speaker; a few simple phrases to throw here and there would suffice. So the Russian language is not the reason to avoid traveling to the country.


What’s the reason behind Russian xenophobia and distrust?

Devastating Mongol-Tatar Yoke, the bloody Great Patriotic War, the Iron Curtain as well as many other historical disasters were a trigger for Russian’s distrust and suspicion. Just imagine that for almost half a century, the then Soviet Union was completely isolated from the rest of the world, bypassing social and technological development, which other countries were deeply engaged in. Linguistic awareness and “being international” are not an exception. So if you at least try to learn Russian during World Cup 2018, you’ll definitely make your stay more comfortable.



However, it doesn’t mean, that Russians have become cold-blooded, savage loners. To tell the truth, Russian friendship has long been a food of thought for many philosophers and, as one of them said: “being a friend with a Russian is like having a single soul dwelling in two bodies”. Indeed, if you happen to make real friends in Russia, they will be absolutely genuine soulmates who are there through all of your peaks and valleys — the grief, the joy, the failures and everything in between. Again, the best advice would be to learn Russian.


What to do

Mastering common phrases are one of the easiest means to become closer to a sophisticated soul of Muscovites. Besides, it couldn’t be easier to learn Russian during World Cup 2018, when the whole country is outstandingly welcoming!

We are not talking about cookie-cutter stuff you can find in dictionaries. Instead, we offer you to take a look at real-life, real Russian conversation phrases used in daily life. You are definitely going to need them, whether at bars or simply strolling around the Moscow streets.

  • Vsio zashibis’ – Everything is awesome

– “How are things going on? (Kak dela?)”

–  “Vsio zashibis’!”

  •  Da net navernoie – literally can be translated as “yes, no, maybe”, but it actually means “Well, I think no”

-“Do you think Russia will win 2018 World Cup (Rossia stanet chempionom?)”

-“Da net, navernoie”

  • Zub Daiu – I’m absolutely sure (literally, I give you my tooth (that it is going to happen))

-“Do you think you will win today?”

-“Zub daiu!”

  • Afigenno – awesome (very informal)

 -“How do you like it here in Moscow? (Kak tebe v Moskve?)”


  • Patamushto – Because ( a universal answer to any question)

-“Why is life so hard?”


  • Prosto tusuiemsia – just chilling ( informal,  used if you are in a group)

-“What are you doing? (Shto delaiete?)”

-“Prosto tusuiemsia

  • Prosto krasava! – he is just awesome! ( informal, to say you appreciate someone. Usually used to appreciate a male )

-“What do you think of Ronaldo / Messi? (Kak tebe Ronaldo / Messi?)”

-“Prosto Krasava!”

  • Mne Fioletovo – I don’t care (informal to say you are not interested in something, can be translated “It is purple to me”)

-“Who will win 2018 World Cup (Kto pobedit v chempionate?)”

-“Mne Fioletovo (I just enjoy Football)”

  • Davai – “Ok” or “See you” or “Come on” (a universal phrase, literally means “Let’s”)

-“I have to go. Good Bye! (Mne nado idti! Poka!)”


Some of the tourists have already tried them out during 2018 World Cup in Moscow. Check the video below!


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