The Secret Time of The Year To Visit Moscow

Have you ever thought of seeing a golden autumn in Moscow? Due to the end of a season, you will be a special guest in Moscow to enjoy the most picturesque time of the year and an array of memorable events. Here is why you should visit Moscow in September:




As everywhere in Europe the summertime is high season in Russia. As leaves start falling, tourists begin packing their bags to go back home and the streets turn to be empty of crowds. That means there will be no queues in museums, lower prices for souvenirs and faster access to the major tourist attractions. September is a time to see Moscow as it is in its everyday life and to get a special feeling of the autumnal city.


The air flight and accommodation prices in September can be 5% – 30% cheaper than in August




Although Russia is infamous for its cold winters and severe Siberian climate, summer in Moscow can compete with the Spanish South. Wide prospects, enormous squares and lack of shadow can be really exhausting, let alone the subway that is still not fully equipped with air conditioning. That’s why the autumn is definitely more comfortable to walk long distances. An average temperature in September is +17° – +19°C.


The best place for walks in autumn is the Boulevard Ring that turns ochre and crimson in September




However, autumn is autumn and it could be rainy. That is why we recommend you to install the app Yandex. Weather (iOS/Android) that gives an hourly weather forecast for the chosen location. It’s provided with a map of rains so as you know when the sun comes out in your area. It’s not a problem if you forgot your umbrella or a raincoat (you can buy a disposable one even in the subway), but make sure you have a nice pair of waterproof boots and a good sweater for those night walks.


As they say “There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes”. Light drizzle somewhere in the historical center can even create a romantic atmosphere. In case you get caught in the pouring rain, you will easily find a shelter in one of the many Moscow museums.


Another one reason to visit Moscow in September is to enjoy traditional Russian soups as borsch, cabbage soup shchi, solyanka (spicy one), chicken and mushroom soup.


Take a soup to go at Soupme to enjoy the Tsvetnoy Boulevard decorated with golden and crimson fallen leaves.


Sitting in a cozy cafe and watching raindrops run down the window is also a very pleasant pastime. Quiet jazz and a cup of ginger tea or Italian cacao in Hleb Nasushny perfectly accompany the autumn in Moscow. When you’re looking for a place with cushions, dim lights and amazing food for a rainy night, check out Ugolek. All the restaurant’s dishes are made in antiquarian wood-fired cast-iron ovens which create an incredibly warm atmosphere.



Hleb Nasushny 

  • Hours: weekday 7 am – 11 pm, weekend 8 am – 11 pm
  • Bearly-team’s chosen locations:
    • Strastnoy Blvd., 8

    • Klimentovskiy Per., 9/1

    • Rozhdestvenka St., 6/9/20 Bld. 1

    • Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 16 Bld. 2
  • Contact: +7 (495) 989-45-60

  • An average bill: 300 – 700 Rubl (~ $5 – $11)



  • Hours: daily 9 am – 9 am
  • Adress: Maliy Sucharevskiy Per., 9/1 (Tsvetnoy bulvar metro station)
  • Contact: +7 (916) 459-85-33
  • An average bill: 500 Rubl (~ $8)



  • Hours: daily 10 am – 1 am (valet parking Monday-Saturday: from 6 pm)
  • Adress: Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 12
  • Contact: +7 495 629-02-11
  • An average bill: 2500 Rubl (~ $40)




On the first Saturday of September Moscow celebrates its birthday! In 2018 Russian capital turns 871. Don’t miss the chance to see the hugest party going in the city. On this occasion, the majority of museums, galleries, art spaces and memorial houses are open for the public free of charge. Some of them organize special walking (or even kick scooter) tours. On this day public transport works till late night so as you could properly relish the celebration with abundant festivals, parades, and concerts, not to mention fireworks.

Check out our article to know more about free admission days and other sneaky tips to save money in Moscow.




Every year early in September the Red Square turns into a stage to host the most spectacular event of the year. At the Festival Spasskaya Tower military orchestras from different countries demonstrate their jaw-dropping virtuosity accompanied by the well-adjusted marching. The program varies from year to year but there is no doubt that everybody will find something to their liking whether it’s Irish pipes, Italian fanfare or even bicycle showband from the Netherlands.



In 2018 the festival is held from the 24th of August to the 2d of September. Every evening at 8 pm you will be able to spectate the majestic show which ends each night with fireworks right over the Red Square.


Buy the tickets in advance at the official website to get better sits


You might be also interested in watching everyday free Horse Show of Cavalry honorary escort of the Presidential Regiment at 2.30 am at the Red Square. On certain days of the festival, the bands perform for free at Moscow railway stations and in parks. It’s also a great opportunity to see what’s the Spasskaya Tower like at the huge festive procession in VDNH on the 25th of August (free admission too).




Russia is home of the world’s best ballet while Moscow is a theater capital: today there are about 150 drama associations in the city. Most of them offer diverse plays which can satisfy any tastes and preferences. Here you will find strictly traditional Maly Theatre, legendary MHAT founded by Stanislavsky, modernly sensational Theatre of Nations and provocative stages as Gogol Center and Meyerhold Center. Almost 40 local and international festivals take place on Moscow stages.


The cheapest seats in the balcony cost 3 – 13$ and in the stalls 30 – 100$


When you dream of seeing the Swan Lake on its historical stage at the Bolshoi Theatre, don’t delay booking the tickets. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy. Tickets go on sale 3 months before the performance but the theatre keeps only 30% of the tickets and (retailers have the rest). An average price for a seat in the middle of the hall is 480$ (for the Swan Lake).


We don’t recommend you to buy seats on the side, as you most likely won’t see the stage


The repertoire of the Bolshoi Theater is very wide and other ballets (Anna Karenina, Don Quixote) and operas (Carmen, La Traviata) shouldn’t be neglected. Moreover, you can visit the Moscow Music Theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko which is not world-famous but also brilliant. The tickets are way more affordable whereas some opera&ballet fans love it even more than the Bolshoi for its homely atmosphere.


Price for a front-row seat is 50 – 80$ even when it’s Swan Lake or Eugen Onegin on the stage


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