The way we travel is changing. A growing number of people are looking for authentic experiences rather than mainstream nonsense. We crave intimate relationships with foreign cultures and want to explore holistically. Our curiosities yearn to create deep connections with the unfamiliar.
Bearly is evolving how you travel. We provide realness and meaning to the art and history of Moscow. We teach you the lifestyle. We show you what it’s like to be a local and if you are ready, you can become one. So what will your Moscow story be?
Bearly in Moscow is the primary resource for the foreigners about Moscow and its lifestyle in English. We currently have two main categories available on the website where the first “BEAR IN MIND” includes relevant guides of places to visit and experience, facts, tips and historical information for all types of traveler.
The second resource, “EAT, SLEEP, RAVE & REPEAT” is where we reveal Moscow lifestyle as it is. From the big venues to the close circle parties, from the shopping malls to the cozy local stores, from the breakfast in the morning to the special moments at the dinner – we got you covered.